Why is Taiwan Called the Leader in Semiconductor?

Are you finding the reason why Taiwan is called the leader in the semiconductor industry? Then this blog will tell you the reason behind its success and what makes it the top in the world. Our assignment help experts are here to guide you in detail.

Taiwan was not known to the world, since it came into existence as a source of semiconductors. From the very beginning China pushes the countries to not to deal directly with Taiwan for their demand in semiconductors. Taiwan is basically a province in China which is famous for its computer chip building capacity. Within a short time it has gathered huge success that it is considered to be in the top list of Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry. Now it provides chips for various smartphone companies, high performance artificial computing and even for Apple Inc too.

What is a Semiconductor Chip?

A semiconducting device designed in such a way that easily operates and controls the flow of current in electronic devices and equipment that we use daily.  While an electronic device comprising a lot of these components is known as integrated circuit or IC.

What is Its Usage?

A semiconducting device designed in such a way that easily operates and controls the flow of current in electronic devices and equipment that we use daily. It sits between a semiconductor and an insulator and it is popularly used in made up of various electronic chips.

You may not find semiconductors selling in the market, but the electrical appliances we use in everyday life consist of semiconductors to perform better. Electrical appliances like Air Conditioner, Rice Cooker, computer CPU, mobile phones, digital cameras, televisions, washing machine, LED bulb, refrigerators all possess semiconductors. Besides ATMs, internet communications, trains etc in every case semiconductor plays a pivotal role in serving the people. Besides giving an efficient system it promotes the conservation of the environment too.

Semiconductor is made up of mainly silicon, different pure elements like germanium and some impure elements too. In general two types of semiconductor are found, N-type and P-type. N-type is used for higher conductance besides having plenty of free electrons and on the other hand P-type is used for higher conductance but having less number of free electrons.

With the sudden increase in the usage of semiconductor chips, Taiwan’s importance for producing this chip has become unavoidable. Most well known companies like Germany’s Volkswagen AG, to Ford Motor Co, Japan’s Toyota the demand has become too high and day by day the demand is increasing drastically. But there exists a noticeable rivalry between the U.S and China to empower Taiwan. As a result, Taiwan’s grip on this semiconductor industry has come to a constant threat by the invasion of Beijing.

What Makes Taiwan so Famous in the Semiconductor Industry?

Taiwan produces the best qualities of chips, design, and packing which makes it leader in the world. The main reason behind its success is its strong capabilities of wafer manufacturing and strong supply chain network. Taiwan has permanently booked the position of top rank in the world market leaving behind all its competitors in the semiconductor industry. At present Taiwan alone produces more than 50% semiconductor in the global market.

The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited or TSMC started its journey in 1987. Morris Chang was the founder of TSMC. Its’ headquarter is situated in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. In the present era it has become a global hub for producing semiconductors. Before this pandemic period the world was facing a shortage of semiconductors which has triggered the importance of TSMC in the global market.


Hope, this blog will be able to give you adequate information regarding the importance of Taiwan in Semiconductor industry and what makes them world leaders in producing it. If you have any doubt you can sort it out by asking our assignment service experts. to contact them just log on to our official website and check the necessary process.

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