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Vorkath is likely to spawn in a zombie minion

There are 3 methods to get there.

For first method you will have your house set up in Rellekka, after, just follow the teleportation process to your the player-owned house, then exit the portal, then RuneScape Gold go to the boatman (all methods are shown below). S. I highly recommend having POH in Rellekka, even if it’s not one of the methods.

Lunar Isle method will only work for those who haven’t completed Fremennik elite journals. Use teleportation towards Lunar Isle without Seal of passage. Talk to any NPC in the area and they’ll kick you out of Isle to location displayed below on the map below.

For Fremennik boots, click the”teleport” on your Fremennik boots and make few steps to become a boatman.

Vorkath Mechanics:

Before entering the Vorkath’s room, ensure you’ve the quick prayer set to this example as follows:

For Fire bomb attack you have to move 2 squares away in any direction, failing to move can instantly kill you. even a single square will result in up to 70+ injuries. This attack is really slow, so it shouldn’t be an issue to dodge it. This attack is in the following video: Let’s take a look at Vorkath’s fundamental and unique attacks. For his basic attacks, he’ll employ Melee Ranged, Dragonfire, Fire bomb, Magic, Venom, and prayers-disabling techniques. This may seem like an awful lot, but your defence bonuses, Serpentine Helm, Super anti-fire potion and prayer shield will not be used for most all of the attack. To be honest you should only concentrate on 2 of his fundamental attacks.

If you suffer from a prayer-disabling disorder, just click your icon for prayer quick and it will turn your prayers back on. It’s as easy as that. The attack’s example is shown below:

1st Special attack – Zombified Spawn Vorkath can cast an ice breath which will prevent you from moving. Quickly press anywhere within the area to stop attacking Vorkath and then get ready to get your Crumble Undead spell ready. After the Ice breath attack, as in the following table: After every 6 fundamental attacks Vorkath will be able to use one of two special attacks:

Vorkath is likely to spawn in a zombie minion. It will start moving toward you, threatening to kill you. Make use of to cast your Crumble Undead spell on him as fast as possible, failing to kill it in time could cause up to 60+ injuries:

2nd Special attack – 2nd Special attack – Acid spills, fireball bombardment:

To perform this attack, Vorkath will spill acid throughout the area and rapidly release fireballs that will track your movement. Toggle your running off and start moving around area to avoid acid spills which can cause 10 damage to you and heal Vorkath at the same time.

Moving around the scene is vital. It’s best to get OSRS Gold For Sale on the acid spill rather than slow down, as each fireball strike can cause as much as 30+ damages and Vorkath shoots these attacks every moment!



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