React Native Development Guide: How to Develop

React Native has been a hot subject matter in mobile development because of the beginning.  It’s not surprising that React Native has taken the tech world by storm. With its ability to create mobile apps that run on iOS and Android simultaneously, it is no surprise. React Native Development Guide provides users with a platform to analyse memory usage and improve their apps’ efficiency.

React Native is used across many industries and has been adopted by many companies around the globe, including Uber, Microsoft and Facebook. It’s important to fully understand React Native before you decide to tackle the full-time challenge.

What are its greatest advantages and its biggest drawbacks? What makes it different from other development platforms? Lastly, what are the essential things your developers need to know before they embark on this React Native Development journey with you?

These questions will be answered in this article. We’ll help you make an informed decision and determine if React Native is right for your company. This is the React Native development guide.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-supply framework that permits developers to create mobile apps.  React Native is the preferred framework for business owners when selecting the right framework. React Native development can be used to power many popular mobile apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Skype. This article will cover more React Native-driven apps.

React Native Development is a popular choice for many companies. Their code is written in JavaScript and shared with iOS and Android. It doesn’t need to manage two different teams of programmers.

React Native also pulls in 14.51% votes in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 20,21, ranking 6th overall. React Native is 5th on the list of professional developers with 16.48%.

React Native Development The History As We All Know

Facebook decided to launch its service via mobile devices rather than creating a native HTML5 application. The method could not withstand the test of time and left plenty of room for improvement in performance and UI. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, admitted in 2012 that “one of our greatest mistakes as a company” was trusting HTML over native apps.

Jordan Walke, a Facebook developer, discovered something remarkable in 2013. He was able to create UI parts by implementing JavaScript into iOS apps. This discovery set off a firestorm, and a Hackathon was organized to examine the potential for mobile app development using JavaScript solutions.

This was how React Native Development was born. The initial development was done on iOS. However, Facebook quickly added Android support to the framework, and it became public in 2015.

React Native Development is the Basis of Businesses:

# Live Reloading

React Native is the next step in mobile development after React. React Native expands on the React principles, allowing users to create robust mobile apps. React Native has a key characteristic that isn’t available in native frames. This is the “Live Reload” feature. The results of any modification made to your application can be seen immediately.

# Cheaper & Faster

It takes more time to create an app that works on iOS and Android than you might think. It is not wise to ignore both iOS and Android users.

React Native has the advantage of allowing faster development. This is due to Reusability. React Native app developers can quickly reuse code from different OS platforms instead of writing separate code.

To lessen the price of react native development, you may select the app development company. It is separated to apply and does now no longer require a license. You can also use the framework to modify your utility and reuse code.

# Native App Development

React Native Development’s inherent ability to develop mobile applications is its most popular benefit. Native apps offer a more secure user experience but are expensive. React Native works well with local apps and offers the best user experience on iOS and Android.

React Native Development is a native-like experience for both iOS and Android. React Native makes it so that users don’t have to feel their apps are slowing down. This is the best aspect of React Native. Users won’t need to worry about app issues.

# Uni-Codebase

The React Native app development company cost is significantly lower than other frameworks that allow for code reuse. This saves time and allows them to write code for the same part on another device.

Developers can write code in the same language like React Native and link it to React Native. Developers can add features to the React Native libraries that aren’t available in this way. React Native app developers can focus on improving the user experience and reduce their time by using a single codebase.

# Web to Mobile App

React Native allows you to convert a web-based app into an application. React Native’s user interface is friendly and flexible, allowing developers to visualize how their web applications will look and feel. PWA is used to create web apps. React Native development can convert these web apps into mobile applications.

Developers can also use the suggestions of the web app to create the test case. This test case allows developers to assess if converting a website application into a mobile-friendly app is easy. This is an important benefit of React Native app development for startups.

# Cross-platform App Development

You might be thinking of buying a mobile app compatible only with iOS or Android. There is no better way to use React Native and create an app that works on both iOS and Android. React Native development is a great tool for startups because it allows you to create apps compatible with both iOS and Android.

React Native code is easily compatible with any platform. React Native allows you to reach everyone simultaneously, regardless of what goal you have. React Native will keep the timing as low as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it.

# Active Developer Community

React Native is a JavaScript platform that allows developers to share their knowledge in developing the framework. Developers can turn to the community if they have problems creating applications. More than 59k active users of the React Native tag were on Stack Overflow as of mid-2021. You can always count on someone to help you solve your problems. This can also impact your programming skills.

# Future-Proof

The rapid market penetration of React Native makes it look promising as an app development platform. While it has some limitations that we will address in the section, the ease of development and speed make up for these.

React Native: Problems

React Native development comes with many exciting benefits, but there are also some challenges and issues. These are the main considerations for any enterprise that has a commercial focus. We’ve provided a few examples below of negatives in React Native for your convenience. Let’s take a look at these:

Inadequate iOS and Full Android Support

React Native doesn’t support all features of these platforms. Some modules are not supported and will require custom development. React Native App developers must create new features from scratch because other features might not be supported.

Native Apps have a slower performance

JavaScript, despite its many benefits, is known to be slow. React Native, and JS share a bridge, which is the main reason for performance drops. React Native will release a new bridge update in 2022 to transform the interaction between native code and JS. This will allow React Native to run more efficiently. Developers will need to add features like TypeScript and Flow into their existing systems. Programming skills can lead to significant optimization.

Uncertain about the UI

React Native is not the best choice if you want to integrate animations or other processes into the application. Designers may have trouble creating touchscreens that require complex gestures. Both Android and iOS touchscreen systems can be used the same API.

Take a look at some React Native Apps

After you have a basic understanding of React Native and its uses, it’s time for you to look at the apps built with it. Below is a list of the top React Native apps.


Facebook is one of the top famous React Native apps. It’s no wonder that we’re discussing it first.  It is the main driver of its growth and was the first to introduce the programming languages.

Facebook wants to bring all the benefits of web development to mobile devices. This includes quick iterations and having only one product development team. React Native was born out of this desire. The organisation used it to expand its very own Ads Manager app on iOS and Android.  The same developer team created both versions.


Instagram decided to integrate React Native into its native app. It began with its Push notification view, previously known as WebView. Creating the navigation system was unnecessary, as the UI worked well enough without it. React Native was an excellent choice for developers.

React Native enabled product teams to increase the speed of developers’ development by between 88 and 95%.


Skype is one of the most famous React Native Development mobile applications. Skype introduced in 2017 that it might release a brand new app built on React Native.  The old version was not without its problems, which led to users’ excitement.

The entire app has been redesigned, starting with the icons and the messaging interface. It now features three sections for conversation that include chat and find and capture. Microsoft, the business enterprise that owns Skype, is determined to apply React Native in each mobile app and its laptop counterpart.

The bottom line

React Native Development is extremely easy to use and offers a high level of productivity. React Native is a great tool for creating UIs online. Its components make it easy to create your user interface with specific information. The business must first determine its goals. Next, it is time to start React Native development.

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