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The market for apps is expanding by leaps and leaps. By 2026, it’s predicted to be worth $400 billion. With the increasing use of smartphones, businesses need to be available via mobile devices. Finding experts in other countries is a proven method to lower expenses and gain an edge. Nowadays, the USA is at the top of mobile app development, but how do you choose the most qualified team to complete your project?

Instead of searching for local candidates, look elsewhere! This lets you access an extensive talent pool immediately.

Portfolios of top-rated providers include solutions for some of the biggest global brands. You can visit to learn more. Shorten the timeframe to gain the advantage of early bird pricing at apps in the store. Here’s how you can find skilled developers.

Where Do I begin

Your application’s pain points must solve, so your request for assistance is laser-focused. First, analyze your target audience, including occupations, education, etc. Find out what problems they have that you could solve. Then, consider your competition. How do they tackle similar issues? If not, where do they fall short?


How to Locate Programmers

Ukraine has many advantages when it comes to IT outsourcing. The first is that the hourly charges are much lower than those in Western Europe or North America. However, the quality of apps is usually unsurpassed. The country is famous for its unicorns and tech startups. For instance, Grammarly is now worth more than $13 billion!

The country is home to over 400 schools of higher education that offer new talent for the IT sector that is mostly focused on outsourcing. Every year, more than 20000 graduates are added to the tech workforce. Many of them have previous experience beginning work during their fourth or third year of school.

Another benefit is the attitude. The majority of the local developers can speak English well (at minimum, at least at the intermediate level) and are influenced by Western values. This reduces the chance of miscommunication.

USA is also located within the timezone GMT+2. This means that they are more likely to have overlapping hours between Europe and North America than India or the Philippines. Furthermore, Ukrainians work longer (40-60 hours per week) and take fewer days off for public holidays (11) than other popular places.

The way to Search

Please make a list of appealing providers, review their portfolios and request more details. Then, to find the most qualified candidates, you can use your recommendation, sites such as Clutch and social media and Google search.

It’s fine to request a contact list so that you can contact past clients to get authentic feedback. However, to ensure that your mobile application will run smoothly, take note of:


The top-rated companies form teams of experts who are hand-picked by the requirements of their customers. It is possible to request the CVs of all team members. Dedicated development can also facilitate the team to grow quickly to handle any changes.

In terms of the ratio of hire-to-candidate, that is the ratio of how many candidates are employed versus the number of applications. For instance, 1.75 shows that the screening process is comprehensive. In addition to proficiency in the programming language (e.g., Java, C++) and mobile frameworks (Flutter, Ionic, etc. ), The team members require strong, soft skills since app development is an effort of the entire team.


Be sure that the company uses established and proven methods like Agile, offers regular reports and abides by the conditions and terms set out in the contract. Talk about ownership of code and ownership. It isn’t usually included within the pricing. Be aware of the quality of the customer service and after-sales support.

The most reliable providers offer support for a specific period following launch and provide contracts for a long time for maintenance.


Speed is crucial in this business since it is highly competitive in mobile development. However, it would be best to be cautious of companies that provide estimates that do not conduct any investigation. A trustworthy IT provider in Ukraine can provide a comprehensive strategy based on its needs, objectives, audience, and needs.

Utilizing Frameworks such as Flutter, Local developers can create applications for six platforms using the same source code. This is a fantastic option to lower expenses and accelerate development.

To Sum up

Outsourcing to Ukraine can provide you with instant access to many highly skilled professionals with years of experience. However, be aware that portfolios don’t necessarily include all projects, and you may seek additional information on current and past clients.

Take note of your professional credentials and the quality of communication and reporting, the level of involvement, and overall reliability.

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