How to choose the right enterprise video platform for your business?

Videos are the heart of any business that is online. Videos are used to reach out to the target audience, interact with existing customers and build the brand. Video conferencing platforms are used to interact internally with the employees and externally to communicate with the clients. Globally, video conferencing platforms generated revenue of $6.28 billion in 2021. Video marketing generated revenue of $3.33 billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach $45.6 billion by 2025. In this article, we are going to discuss how enterprise video platforms can benefit organizations.

Why do organizations need an enterprise video solution?

Remote work has become the norm since the Covid-19 outbreak and is expected to stay so for the next few years. This requires businesses to have systems in place for effective communication remotely. Video is the most effective form of communication and can be used for several purposes. Videos can be used for internal communication, employee training, employee engagement, learning and development, marketing, and sales. Videos can also be used in the on-boarding process of new employees and CEO townhalls, Having a centralized dashboard to manage all the video communication is easy, safe and cost-effective. Businesses can exchange information and documents over the enterprise video solution without worrying about security.

Who can use the enterprise video streaming solutions?

  • Schools

Owing to periodic lockdowns, schools have moved the education system online. Video content management systems are used by the schools to offer a secure platform to teach the students. Learning materials, videos can be shared with the students using the video CMS. Communication, information and payments are secure when school uses an enterprise video streaming solution.

  • Universities

Pre-recorded and live videos can be offered to students. Live videos facilitate interaction of the lecturer with the students whereas pre-recorded videos can be referred to by the students at any later date. Students can enroll to any university of their choice across the world with remote learning opportunities.

  • Companies

Confidential information of the company, its employees and its customers should be secure online. Security is everyone’s responsibility. This is made possible by using a corporate video platform. Information can be exchanged and stored securely online on these platforms.

  • Event organizers

Access to online events such as webinars, conferences, meetings, launches or any other business events can be restricted using corporate video streaming. Event organizers can use it for any virtual event such as musical performances, shows, sports with special or paid access.

Crucial features in an ideal enterprise video platform

Organizations should look for the following features while deciding on the enterprise video platform they want to purchase for optimum benefit.

  • Distribution of video

Audience engagement on videos is 49% higher than other forms of content. Companies can also live stream videos using the enterprise video platform within their organization and to other businesses in their network. Business users and video content providers can distribute their video by hosting and storing the video on the platform.

  • Live streaming

Companies, brands and individuals can broadcast live video to their audiences using the corporate video streaming solution. It is secure and has options for the audience to communicate with the host and speakers. Companies can also record the live streaming to utilize the video content later.

  • Privacy

Businesses can restrict access to each video hosted and stored on the corporate video platform. These restrictions can be applied to the platform’s employees, teams, and external audiences.

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

After doing all the work to grab the attention span of your audience, you wouldn’t want it to go in vain due to content delivery issues. Would you? Multi-bitrate streaming technique of video streaming detects the fluctuations in bandwidth of the viewers and adjusts the quality of the video to suit it, which eliminates buffering.

  • Live to VOD

Businesses can stream live video as well as offer pre-recorded videos as video on demand using the corporate streaming. This ensures the platform can be used for all the video needs of the business.

  • Customization

Customization is key in any business that is online today. Audiences and users look for customization and personalization in the products and services they consume.

  • Enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)

Content delivery network provider ensures continuous and fast video streaming to the viewers on all devices. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets are the most commonly used devices, and videos should be easily accessible on all devices.

  • Transcoding

In video streaming, the CPU-intensive process is termed as transcoding. So, it is essential that the enterprise video platform offers transcoding.

  • Security

The enterprise OTT platform you choose should offer Video Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect the video content hosted and stored on its platform. DRM ensures the security of the video content by restricting download and share options of the video. Only if the business owning the video allows a user to download or share the video, the user can carry out the action.

  • Video player

Users should be able to play the videos on the platform and not be required to carry out any additional action such as downloading the video or using an external video player.

  • Monetization

Videos are used in marketing and sales. Marketing and sales strategies implemented include monitoring the performance of the videos and monetizing it. All features to monetize the videos on various platforms should be available on the enterprise video streaming solution.

  • Analytics

This is the crucial step that determines the success percentages of the marketing strategies implemented in the organization. The platform should offer detailed reports on all the metrics to understand the reach of your video content.

Choosing the best enterprise video platform

  • The platform should offer video on demand (VOD), live video streaming, and real-time communication.
  • High quality audio and video playback should be provided using video transcoding.
  • The platform should be secure and have the option to manage permissions.
  • Video player should be customizable.
  • Automatic captions should be generated in the videos that will cater to viewers with hearing disabilities. Translation of video will enable your business to reach different geographies.


With several video streaming platforms in the market and the dire need for businesses to have one, it is important to choose the right enterprise video streaming solution. It can make or break all your marketing efforts, not to mention making things easy in your day-to-day activities. List down your business requirements pertaining to videos and keep in check the must-haves listed in this article to choose the right enterprise video platform for your organization.

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