How Are BTS Reaching the Entire Planet Using Digital Media?

Everyone is familiar with the k-pop sensation BTS. This boy band of 7 members has got the fans wrapped around their fingers with their upbeat music and wholesome content. Starting as a small group in 2010, BTS has come a long way and there is no doubt that they are not stopping anytime soon. These boys have gone through a lot of hardships during their rise to stardom.

Their fans are lovingly called ARMY and it is very astonishing to see how they have helped this boy band become what they are now. Speaking of India, BTS is one of the few k-pop groups, along with Twice and Blackpink, who managed to gain popularity easily in the country back in 2015. They are in management collaboration with a South Korean entertainment company known as Big Hit Entertainment.

How BTS rose to stardom


How BTS rose to stardom

Every internet sensation or superstar starts from scratch. Now you must be aware already of how this boy band, without having an external helping source, became a huge sensation. Another great achievement of this band is that they were the first Korean group to have ever attended the Billboard music awards. Moreover, they were honored with a chance to perform at United Nations General Assembly. Despite the huge language barrier, the devoted fans never failed to show their love for their favorite Korean band. Though, their fame did not come free of cost. A huge credit for the rise of this boy band can be given to social media as it played a great role in increasing the boy’s publicity and community among the fans.

Once the music was popularized in, the native country, it soon reached new heights and before we knew it, they were widely known on the other continents of the world as well. Again, gaining popularity in Korea wasn’t as easy as doing that elsewhere because the audience during that time was invested in other boy bands in Korea. Fans alone did not complete what it took to become such a widely known group. Along with them, the vlogs and reality videos of the group really caught everyone’s attention. People started to enjoy the most mundane moments of these boys’ lives. It allowed people to get attracted to their attitudes. Adding up to all of this, the audience got interested in watching their web show known as “Run BTS!”. It is safe to say that this played a huge role in gaining popularity for them. In many interviews it has been said that the members of the band have always been transparent with their fans regarding their own good and bad sides, this is something that makes them very different from other celebrities who have always put up a good image in front of fans which may not be true always.

Digital media and how it helped BTS gain more fame


Digital media and how it helped BTS gain more fame

As it can be figured out by itself now, BTS is not here just to showcase their talents with music, but they are also willing to connect with fans in a very wholesome way. Since the very beginning of their music careers as a boy band, they have connected their real life with social media, be it dance rehearsals, pranks, behind the scenes, etc. These have created a sort of bonding with people, this too, is a very different attitude than celebrities usually carry. All of these are available on various social media platforms. This gave the audience an insight into the day-to-day activities in the band members’ lives. Like any other big personalities, they got maximum streaming on YouTube, and they currently have 66.6 million subscribers! Their channel consists of playlists of campaigns, music videos, fests, etc.

In the year 2018, the boy band released a movie, ‘Burn the Stage’ which earned $20.34 million, this was followed by their 2019 documentary, ‘Bring the Soul’. The 2019 film got more audience love and earned $24.3 million which was more than any other movie. The recent movie released by BTS, ‘Break the Silence’, was released in 2020 during the pandemic which resulted in it reaching a lesser audience as compared to their other blockbusters. A preview of these movies is available on their YouTube channel for free and you can watch the full content on YouTube premium. Moreover, a lot of episodes of their shows like Bon Voyage, and Run BTS, are also posted regularly on their channel.

BTS has surpassed 26.1 billion streams on Spotify. Owing to their collaboration with other famous artists like Coldplay, Halsey, and Steve Aoki, the band has reached another milestone and rapid streaming on all platforms. During the pandemic and Covid-19 restrictions, their views and audience have increased at a great rate.

The boy band did not have any individual Instagram accounts until 6 December 2021. This created huge astonishing excitement amongst the fan community, and it did not take a lot of time for the boys to reach millions of followers. All of them currently have over 30 million followers on Instagram with an active comment section and fans ready to bombard their page with every new post. The audience on their accounts on other social media platforms is no less either. BTS has the active participation of fans everywhere!

Also, having been the favorite of the fans, they gained a lot of popularity and marketing through fan pages themselves. Once the boys started getting discovered internationally, streaming rates on their videos multiplied exponentially. Their fame has rose to such a level that even if you are not a BTS or k-pop fan, you must have heard about them somewhere or the other. This is all result of the talent of the boys and the power of social media to take them to a whole new level.

It cannot be denied that they were not the first k-pop group to gain fame outside their native country, however, their mundane and kind attitude along with their willingness to connect with the fans gave them a leap. They might not have been the first Korean group to reach popularity overseas, but with constant hard work on most platforms, they are now one of the greatest internet sensations. Social media has always proven to be an excellent source of recognition. It was an exceptional tool for BTS to expand other content along with the music. Despite extreme racism reaching the topmost level, BTS was not put down by haters. The boy band used that as a power to rise higher. They are known to use their social media platforms along with their stardom to work for better causes in the world like attempting to end racism, and mental health issues. This, along with other factors, has drawn their fans and other audience closer to them. They are one of the very few celebrities who use their fame to stand up for the betterment of society.

Some BTS facts that fans would love to know!

Have you ever wondered what BTS stands for? Despite having many fan-made full forms, BTS actually stands for ‘Bangtan Sonyeodan’, a Korean word, which translates to ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts. If you know this too, do you know about the meaning behind it? Their band name stands to end racism, and stereotypes like bullets. Another full form is “Beyond The Scene”. It is going to amaze you to know that the band leader, Kim Namjoon, learned to speak and understand English through the famous American sitcom, ‘Friends’. Being a huge fan of the show, he has watched it multiple times and it has helped him brush up his English skills. RM is also the only member who can speak a conversation in English thoroughly.

Also, ARMY isn’t something that the fans are called because of their never-ending and rigid support to the group, it is an acronym that stands for ‘Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth’. Moreover, the boy band is known to produce their own music. Another example of them being powerful on social media is that they are the first k-pop group who got there on Twitter emojis. Along with them being very adorable with the fans and talented in their careers, they believe in philanthropy and are active donators.


BTS as a musical band has reached audiences all over the world, however, as individuals, they have achieved to be mundanely close to their fans which many celebrities fail to do so. Like many other superstars, BTS started from a really low level and worked their way up with a lot of love from fans and constant hard work. Social media has played a huge role in gaining more popularity for them. It is interesting to know that BTS members had no Instagram handles but because of their dedicated fans, Instagram became the social media platform they most widely interacted with other audiences as well. There is no doubt that BTS has come a long way from where it began and will continue to win the hearts of people all around the globe.

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