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For international students, requirements to study nursing in Germany

Germany offers many opportunities for students who are interested in education. You can find the ideal place to study, regardless of whether you’re an international student. We will discuss the requirements to study nursing in Germany as international students and look at what Germany has to share.

International Nursing Benefits

Most countries are facing the inevitable problem of an aging population, with the world’s population growth rate declining. A country’s low proportion of people of working age not only impacts its economic growth, but also affects the quality of healthcare and welfare of the older citizens.

The nursing industry in Germany will require 150,000 more nurses by 2025, according to estimates. The country is recruiting nurses from overseas to care for its elderly citizens.

After passing the “Anerkennung”, which is a process that recognizes your professional qualifications, nurses who have completed a nursing education will be eligible to work in Germany. There are many options for students who want to be a nurse in Germany.

This article will cover how to study nursing in Germany. Let’s have a look!

What degrees are available for nurses in Germany?

The common option in Germany for students is to complete an apprenticeship, also known as “Ausbildung”, in a German hospital. Because nursing is not an option for a typical bachelor’s program at German universities, it isn’t common to find a program that teaches this subject. Apply to a Hospital Apprenticeship, you must have at least B2 proficiency in German. This is because you will need to communicate with patients in German. This language requirement is necessary to study nursing in Germany as an International Student.

After being accepted, you will receive theoretical and practical training over a period of three years. You can expect to earn between 1,000 and 1,200 euros per month. The full-time program includes 2,100 hours of classroom instruction in a vocational school (usually at the hospital’s partner school) and 2,500 hours working experience at the hospital.

To successfully complete your training, you must pass a state exam. After your apprenticeship is completed, you can work in hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient care facilities.

Cost of studying Nursing

Germany’s cost of living is quite affordable compared to its neighbours. An international student would spend about 850 euros per month to cover their living expenses such as rent and food. This figure is only a guide. Factors like where you live and how your lifestyle will impact your monthly expenses.

You can start earning immediately after you have completed your apprenticeship in Germany, unlike other countries that require you to pay thousands of dollars for a nursing degree. The monthly salary of a trainee nurse is between 1,000 and 1,200 euros.

Many partner schools and vocational schools don’t charge tuition fees but require students to pay a small amount each semester. The semester contribution covers administrative costs and is used to fund student welfare such as student housing, cafeterias and sports facilities.

Even though nursing school can be expensive, there are still ways to study without paying a penny. Read How to Study in Germany Freely (8 Steps) if you are interested.

For international students, there are requirements to study nursing in Germany

A new German Nursing Professions Act (Pflegeberufegesetz or PflBG) was enacted at the start of 2020. All applicants who want to be nurses professionals will receive general nursing training in the first two years. This is instead of having to choose a particular vocational training program at the beginning. Students will have the opportunity to either continue their training as general nurses or to specialize in pediatric or geriatric nursing in the third-year.

The new Act will allow nursing courses to be offered at some universities in order to provide vocational training programs. These courses require students to have a diploma from a high school and transcripts that can be recognized by the university. They also need proof of proficiency in German (B2 is the standard) and a contract with a provider of training, usually one of the school’s partner hospitals.

To be eligible for the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University’s Nursing Program, applicants must possess a qualification equivalent to the German university entry qualification (“Abitur”), a contract at a German hospital and proof of German proficiency.

If you are unsure how to apply to the nursing program in Germany, I recommend How to Study in Germany for International Students (4 steps). This comprehensive guide will show you how to apply and what to prepare.

Best country to study nursing abroad

  1. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
    Link to Nursing Program
    Degrees available: Bachelor of Science (Nursing) – Cooperative Degree Program
    HAW Hamburg is Germany’s third largest university for applied sciences. This higher education and applied research institution is located in Hamburg, Germany. It has 18 departments and 4 faculties. If you are interested in learning nursing, you can apply for the University’s cooperative degree program under the Department of Nursing and Management.

The nursing program at this German nursing school will last 7 semesters and require students to contribute 335.60 euros each semester.

All documents are required by applicants (such as a higher educational entrance qualification, medical record, proof of language proficiency etc.). To a university-affiliated training provider/hospital. The university will then collaborate with the training provider to select applicants.

If you are accepted to the program, you will be provided with enrollment documents by the university’s Student Admissions and Registration Office.

  1. Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences – HSB
    Nursing Program Link
    Degrees available: International Degree Program for Nursing (B.Sc.
    The public university in Bremen, Germany offers many degree programs in engineering, economic sciences, and social sciences. International students interested in studying nursing can apply for the university’s International Degree Program. The program is eight-semester in length.

This nursing program’s instruction language is German. Students must be fluent in German (level B1.2). English proficiency and proof of it (level B1.2 according the European Language Reference Framework are also required.

Although there is no tuition fee for this German nursing school you will need to pay 300 euros per semester to help with social services.

The International Degree Program for Nursing graduates will be awarded a double qualification: a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a state-recognized professional licensure as a nurse.

  1. Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, (DHBW).
    Nursing Program Link
    Degrees available: Bachelor of Science in Applied Health and Nursing Sciences
    Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University, (DHBW), is the last of our top-rated nursing schools in Germany. It’s located in Stuttgart, Germany. Dual-education is offered by this university. This education system combines education in a business and education at a vocational school. It also offers undergraduate programs in engineering, social sciences, and business administration.

To be eligible to join the DHBW nursing program, aspiring nurses must have signed a contract with a training provider. This course lasts 6 semesters. The language of instruction is German.

Can I study nursing in germany?

Nursing is a vocational field. The study approach to a nursing Bachelor’s or Masters’ degree will be more practice-oriented. You will be able to comfort and care for sick patients throughout their recovery. You will be able to advise them on the best healthcare choices and administer prescribed medication.

You can choose to study in any of the four major nursing fields: adult, children’s, learning disability, mental health, or pediatric. You have the option of specializing in one or more of these four areas as a student nurse. The course will teach you how to treat an individual with a medical condition and general medical procedures. You will need soft skills like empathy and cooperation to be successful as a nurse.

Study in Germany

Germany is a country we owe much to in terms of the history and development of universities and education. Germany is home to what we refer to as’research Universities’, which are large places with ivory towers that house libraries and where new knowledge is created every day.

Since then, this university model has been used all over the globe. It is basically what most universities were created for: to make knowledge and new discoveries. Do you wish to study in Germany?

Why study abroad in Germany

  1. German universities do not require tuition
    You’re correct! Most German public universities don’t charge tuition fees for international students regardless of nationality. This is a significant benefit that allows you to focus only on the living expenses, such as accommodation, food and transport.
  2. Germany is at the forefront in Engineering
    Germans are very proud of engineering and technology. Germany is a world leader in automobiles, highways and monumental structures.

Studying nursing in Germany has many benefits

German students enjoy many social events at their universities and in the surrounding cities. You can take a train to Oktoberfest or visit one of the many historical museums in Germany.

Germany is known for its multicultural atmosphere. You’ll find people from all walks of the globe in your classes, and many languages are spoken in the cities you live in.

You will be expected to pay attention to lectures and show interest in the class. Although it may seem difficult, you will find yourself learning and growing throughout your degree program.



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