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Best Writing Guides for College Students

Most of the students in high school and college freshers enrolled themselves in writing subjects but they are not expert writers. Writing looks easy but there are several factors we have to think about before writing anything. People use the internet to correct their grammatical errors and other writing errors but that is not enough, the best thing is writing guides and reference books which help writers to make a perfect piece of writing. We can help you with your writing from our Cheap Assignment Help services.

Below we have added some of the best writing guides which are used by expert writers. These books are full of appropriate information like writing rules, grammar rules, and also some tips and tricks to make writing the best.

Top Writing Guides to Make Your Writing Best

Don’t waste your time searching one rule at a time on the internet instead use these books.

  • A Writer’s Reference

By: Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers

  • The Elements of Style

By: William Strunk and E.B. White

  • The Little, Brown Handbook

By: H. Ramsey Fowler and Jane Aaron

  • The Gregg Reference Manual

By: William Sabin

  • Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers, 4th ed

By: Kate Turabian

  • Writing in the Works

By: Susan Blau and Kathryn Burak

  • Thinking Like Your Editor

By: Susan Rabiner, Alfred Fortunato

  • The Scientist’s Guide to Writing

By: Stephen B. Heard

  • Great Writing 3

By Keith S. Folse, Elena Vestri Solomon, David Clabeaux

  • Move the Rock of Academic Writing

By: Essay Shark

  • They Say / I Say

By: Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein

  • English for Academic Study

By: John Slaght Joan McCormack

  • Steps to Writing Well with Additional Readings

By: Jean Wyrick

  • Economical Writing

By: Deirdre McCloskey

  • The Essentials of Academic Writing for International Students

By: Stephen Bailey

  • The Elements of Style

By: William Strunk Jr.

  • Developing Composition Skills

By: Mary K. Ruetten

  • Mosaics

By: Kim Flachmann

  • College Writing

By: Toby Fulwiler

  • Write No Matter What

By: Joli Jensen

Do Writing Guides Help in Academic Writings?

Academic writing can be a different hassle for students as it is quite different from other writings. Middle schools and high school provides you with basic knowledge but when you enter college thing is different and so for the writing. Academic writing in college comes with great knowledge and skills and for this type of academic writing, you need the best writing guide which helps you to solve all the writing errors and other grammatical errors.

Type of Academic Writings

  • Research papers
  • Repository papers
  • Essay
  • Argument papers
  • Academic Proposals

The Important Section on which every academic writer need to focus

  • Punctuations (Comma, Colon, Semi-Colon, Hyphen, Apostrophe, Period)
  • Active and Passive Voice

Best Writing Tips for College Students

Writing can be hard but using the best techniques and strategies lead you out to the best piece of work. You can easily make the best content below we have added some of the tips which can be useful in your writing.

Schedule Your Time

Scheduling time is important if you want to make the best writing piece, divide your time for writing each day and you will see the better result throughout the week.

Make Ideas and Strategies

Plan your ideas and strategies before starting any writing work you must have the correct strategy to make that piece of paper into a great writing composition.

Try out Arguments 

You must analyze and convenience your reader with your writing, you can discuss your topic and must have a reason to discuss your topic in your writing.

Make Your Writing Enjoyable

Some of the Writers work with peer pressure and have a lot of time-bound, it is suggested you enjoy your writing and get comfortable with it.

Work with Academic Voice

An expert writer has the best academic voice, the reader needs to trust you, instead of using informal language, you must use the arguments which hold the reader’s interest in your writing.


You must ensure that your writing has zero grammatical errors and have the best structure. You must work according to the grammar rules and make your work error-free.

Assignment Help can be Good for Writing

Taking Assignment Expert help is not that bad and there are lots of websites that offer cheap assignment help for the students. These platforms help you with assignments, essays, and other writing help at very affordable prices. There are a lot of services offered by this platform that can be helpful for the students.


We have provided all the details and information which can be helpful for your writing. The guides we have mentioned in our article are tried by the actual writers and can be helpful in your writing. It will help you to make your writing structure the best and help you to write without any grammatical and writing errors.



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